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Freedom to go where you want, whenever you want. Safely... in style and comfort... sailing smoothly above the bumper to bumper madness below. It is all possible... and easier than you think. We're dedicated to helping you start your journey...

Welcome to Racine Sport Flyers.

Welcome to Racine Sport Flyers ‚Äč

We Proudly Offer:

- Gyroplane sales, training, and instruction

- Gyroplane Instructor Training

- Sport and Private Pilot Gyroplane

- Add on Sport Pilot Rating and Private Pilot Rating

Freedom is within your grasp...
Learn to fly at award winning Racine Sport Flyers.

Why Fly Racine Sport Flyers?

We're passionate about sharing the joy of flight!

Our program is "Pay As You Go"!

Whether it's to learn a new skill or pursue a career, our certified instructors are dedicated to your success.

Light Sport Aircraft

The Flight Design CTLS is our premier flight training aircraft. Spacious seating allows both pilots and passengers to move about comfortably, and state-of-the-art technology safely guides and protects all occupants.


The Piper J3 Cub is fully Light Sport compliant. That means you do not need a medical to fly it, only a valid drivers license. If you want to become a better pilot, there is no better way than becoming a stick and rudder pilot.


The ELA 10-Eclipse is a two seat gyroplane in tandem configuration with an enclosed cockpit. The canopy is removable and easily replaced with a front windscreen, making this a convertible to be flown topless for an alternative flying experience.

Sport Pilot Training

Sport Pilot training is accomplished in a Flight Design CTLS light sport airplane. These airplanes are very capable and fun aircraft design specifically for the light sport (LSA) market. We also do Light Sport taildragger endorsements and training in a Piper J3 Cub.

Private Pilot Training

Complete flight training and obtain your private license in as little as 40 hours. Our experienced experts help you complete flight training to safely and effectively operate a plane independently. Take our innovative Flight Design CTLS into the air with an instructor, and learn an exciting new skill or begin a new career.

Gyroplane Training

ELA 10-Eclipse-- the Flagship of ELA products! Speed, comfort, stability, storage, range. Dare to compare! If you currently do not have any pilot's license you can fly a gyro by obtaining a sport pilot's license, You do not need a medical for this, just a valid driver's license. Training is conducted at Batten International Airport, located in Racine, Wisconsin.


Call Racine Sport Flyers to build a fully customized flight plan.

Our program offers "Pay As You Go" so you can achieve your flying goals, your way.