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1946 Piper J3 C

The Piper J3 Cub was produced betweeen 1939 and 1947  and had a production of around 20,000 units.
At one point in the war there was a Cub produced every 20 minutes.

During the build up of World War II the Civilian Pilot Training Program was formed and the Cub was the primary trainer. They had a total of 435,165 graduates and 75% were trained in a Cub. By the end of the war 80% of all US military pilots were trained in Cubs.  

The Cub is fully Light Sport compliant. That means you do not need a medical to fly it only a valid drivers license.  If you want to become a better pilot there is no better way than becoming a stick and rudder pilot. It will sharpen all of your skills. Call 
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